Limit Information

creation by FlySi

Today the internet has made it possible for people to have access to information  about almost every subject there is, but how much of these information is actually reliable and how much isn’t? In Newsweek interview Larry Page said “Certainly if you had all the world’s information directly attached to your brain, you’d be better off” (Carr). Let say if you could have all the world’s information attached to your brain. How much of this information is actually true? And how much of it is just false, opinion or manipulated? Would this information even be valuable? I don’t think you would be better off knowing everything there is to know, it’s dangerous; like having information on how to create harmful and dangerous bio-weapons. There is reason why certain information hidden for a reason. Humans aren’t programed nor are we aren’t artificial life; we actually have emotions, process information and react differently.

Over the years Google has become an asset to our daily lives. If you want to find the weather report, sports, gossip you just Google it. It’s even in spell check. Almost everyone today uses the search engines Google to find a basic answer, but do we actually rely on Google too much.  In the article Google is Polluting the Internet the author Micah white “We place too much trust in one company, a corporate advertising agency, and single way of organizing knowledge, automated keyword indexing”(White). Do we put too much trust on a company that’s now a commercial agency and actually not there to help you, but to make millions off you by advertising. In Eli Pariser’s video “filter bubbles” Pariser argues about how Google has created these filter bubbles where Google has limited the information your actually receiving. There are cookies that keep tract of information, so when you do a search it targets information that is relevant to you and then topic than what you actually want. Two different people can conduct the same search, but come up with different searches. Google is controlling what we are viewing. The internet was created to allow the share of information and make sure not one company or a group of people can control it, but how is that possible when Google is controlling the information we can view?

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